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You've got questions, We've got Answers!
From pool safety to compliance issues, we've got your answers. ...    FULL ARTICLE
MSDS Sheets
What is Sodium Hypochlorite Anyway?
The active ingredient in household bleach was discovered by the French chemist Berthollet in 1787. And it's not just for laun ...    FULL ARTICLE
What about Liquid Bleach?
Sodium Hypochlorite, liquid bleach, liquid chlorine, why so many names? ...    FULL ARTICLE
American Chemistry Council
Mastering the knack of pool science is not difficult with the right.... ...    FULL ARTICLE
Basic Pool Safety
What are the most important things to know in basic pool safety? Here's what everyone should know... ...    FULL ARTICLE
CAT Controllers
Ten years ago CAT pioneered the use of microprocessor-based technology to provide unprecendented product quality, value and e ...    FULL ARTICLE
Chemtrol Controllers
With its advanced microprocessor-based technology, the CHEMTROL PC2000 Programmable Controller introduces a new standard of s ...    FULL ARTICLE
Guide to VGB Compliance
By December 19, 2008, ALL public pool owners/operators must... ...    FULL ARTICLE
CPSC Virginia Graeme Baker Frequently Asked Questions
The rules were changes with the implementation of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act. But what do you really ...    FULL ARTICLE