Mastering the knack of pool science is not difficult with the right information and a little diligence. As for those readers who are experienced poolside chemists, put this article in the hands of anyone learning the ropes. Think of the perfect swimming pool and visions of sparkling water and happy swimmers likely dance in your head. Keeping this scene intact involves taking the proper steps to sanitize the pool and prevent any health or aesthetic problems. The water will then remain clear of algae, free of disease causing pathogens and users won't complain about red eyes or chlorine smell. Because you use chlorine, whether you're responsible for running a public facility or a water park, you have the necessary tools to make your job easier. For general pool treatment, chlorine has three essential characteristics: it acts as a rapid and persistent sanitizer, an effective algaecide and a strong oxidizer of undesired contaminants. Understanding the role of chlorine in maintaining safe water is not difficult once you learn the basics of pool chemistry. book